Running & Active Play Programs

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Progress is easy to measure accurately. Progress is success, and honest success builds genuine confidence.

Running is play. It is at the heart of almost every active game we can think of. We all need play, and we all need fun.

Running balances our lives. We sleep better, eat better, focus better, and feel better when we run.
Running is also simple. Almost anybody can run. You don't need any equipment or a special facility. You can run with friends, or run on your own.

Why running?

Running is perfectly fair: it always rewards consistency and effort.

Think about that. If you try, you'll get better. If you're consistent, you'll get better.

Those are important lessons to learn at any age, but especially as a child.


We get kids moving so they can be their best.

Recess Run Club

The positive impact that active breaks have for children in school is proven. Our recess run clubs are a quick way for kids to refocus and have been made for teachers to easily fit into the day.

Sizzle & Pop

Our free, and more importantly fun, in-school exercises designed to get kids moving, right at their desks! 

Run Club

Now digital! Looking to create your own run club? Check out our daily shuffle or gallery of instructional videos.

Getting Started Running

This 40 day program can help anyone get started, day by day. You’ll get warm-ups, workouts, and advice specifically sequenced to get you running.