Reading & Early Literacy Programs

The American Library Association says, “The pattern sets in early. A child who is a poor reader at the end of 1st grade has a 90% chance of still being a poor reader at the end of 4th grade.” We find that is especially true in low income families (our target group) where books are scarce. All of our early literacy programs address this need.

Why reading?

We believe that early literacy sets a child up for long term success.


Our early literacy programs are, and will always be, free for those who use them.

Brown Bag Books

Brown Bag Books seeks to get books to kids in homes where there is a scarcity. Research shows that students who have access to good books at home have much higher literacy rates and opportunities to succeed.

Barclay's Books

We've written a special series about Barclay and his love of reading and running and made them into Activity Books. We hand them out at local food banks in Maine and California, along with new Early Reader books, free of charge. We believe building a library is key to building literacy.

Tips for Parents

We want to help parents help their kids. Reading impacts everything a child does in school, but it’s hard to know how to help. That’s why we’ve put together some videos of teachers and educators who can help you help your child.