The Team Long Run story

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Team Long Run began in 2017 with a question: "How many distance runners, did we think, were sitting in prison cells wondering where it all went wrong?" We guessed zero, and then set out to discover why.

We knew running was a reliable “change agent”, and we could use it to help kids gain confidence in their own natural grit, and prepare them for a life of selflessness, satisfaction, and success. We also found we could create a fun active play program that made kids sweaty and happy every week.

We were able to add innovative educator Hilary Harper-Wilcoxen to the team in 2019. She made an immediate impact, adding several partner schools in her first few months. As we got to know the kids, families, and schools, we realized that supporting early literacy was probably the single most important thing for a child’s academic future, so we began to discover ways to link running and active play with reading.

Further to that, we learned that simply having books in the home gives a child a powerful tool to break cyclical poverty, substance abuse, and incarceration… so we’re giving away a lot of books!  

Covid pushed us to “hybridize” our offerings, and we greatly enriched our online content- enabling anyone, anywhere, to conduct a TLR program.

What began as an on-site program in rural Maine with four kids, has grown to reach over 4500 kids. We feel like we’ve found some effective ways to give kids who need it the most a running start, and we’re in it for the long run.

Our team.

Chuck Wilcoxen

Chuck’s love for running and helping young people goes way back. For eighteen years he coached at the collegiate level, both Track and Field and Cross Country. He served on the National Collegiate Athletic Association Track and Field and Cross Country National Committee for five years, and as chair for two years. He has coached All Americans and beginners and loved it all. He also managed to earn his IAAF Level 5 and USATF Level 3 coaching certifications (both terminal), and received his Master’s Degree from Washington University in St. Louis.

He brings all of his expertise and experience into working with young people in underserved populations. His program designs combine the best in sports science, a deep respect for all kids, and a love for play. His early years as a middle school dorm parent and high school coach in a variety of sports also serves him well, as does having raised two boys who loved to run and play!

Hilary Harper-Wilcoxen
Director of Mission Advancement

Hilary brings her background in teaching and fundraising to TLR. She has recently been a Special Ed teacher in the rural public school system in New Hampshire and loves seeing how TLR meets the needs of kids who don’t have access to after-school enrichment programs. Her fundraising career started as Finance Director for a U.S. Congressman and continued as Development Director at Stamford Center for the Arts. She loves raising money to keep TLR going as she knows it can’t run on air! Everything she has done up to this point informs her work with Team Long Run, and she even gets to play with the kids during Run Clubs!!

As Director of Mission Advancement, Hilary works to figure out what kids in need actually need, and to develop programs based on that data. She loves working with the TLR  team, and especially loves collaborating with other educators and nonprofits. 

Kim Schuyler

Jake Meier