We have been working with local schools and classroom teachers to identify books they would like to see in their students' homes; books that children can keep. Many teachers have used these books for online learning and reading sessions. The books are ordered through our local, independently owned bookstore and delivered to the schools by Team Long Run. The schools then decide how best to deliver the books to the students, e.g., through the school bus lunch delivery program or parent pick up. Their choice!

We feel this is a win/win for all involved, from the local bookstore to the kids getting teacher-approved books to keep. Our hope is that, by providing good books for kids to keep, and involving teachers in the process, we will be inspiring kids and their families to experience the joy of reading, and the challenge of learning.

We have also started to distribute teacher-approved books at our local food banks to kids, so they can keep growing their at-home-library and keep growing as readers!

Every kid deserves a coach; and every kid deserves a book!

If you'd like to learn more please contact Hilary at hilary@teamlongrun.org. We'd love to have you join us as a donor or adopter.

Brown Bag Books

Reading and running are both simple but not easy, and both require some basic equipment.

Brown Bag Books seeks to get books to kids in homes where there is a scarcity. Research shows that students who have access to good books at home have much higher literacy rates and opportunities to succeed.

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